Staying Healthy

1Treat it!

You can use Entroseal® right from the first signs of diarrhea. As it works mechanically, it does not enter your bloodstream. It is not habit forming, does not affect the motility of the bowel and has not been related to constipation. Entroseal® will not cause you to have bothersome side effects, such as stomach cramps. For any age, from infants and up.


When you have diarrhea, it is very important for you to stay hydrated. Drink at least one glass of water after every trip to the toilet. If you have had significant watery diarrhea 3 times or more; if you feel weak, dizzy or have a dry mouth, you need more than just water. Rehydrate with fluids that contain both sugar and salts, such as Alvogen ORS, a special Oral Rehydration Salt. Avoid caffeinated drinks, alcohol or sugary sodas as these can make you more dehydrated.

3Eat what you can

It is not necessary to stop eating completely, and in fact it will not make your diarrhea go away. Try to minimize foods that can aggravate your diarrhea, such as milk products. If you haven´t been able to eat for a while it might be good to start with neutral carbohydrates, such as plain boiled rice, plain toast, bananas and black tea, as these foods are easy to digest. Build up from there until you are healed.