Product Info

What is Entroseal®?

safe for infants and children

Entroseal® (Gelatin tannate) is an innovative product that targets the diarrhea itself, not just its symptoms. Entroseal® is painless to use, and has no side effects (except for the rare cases of allergies for the components) because it is not absorbed into the body. Clinical studies show a 60% reduction of stools after only 12 hours.


Instructions for use

Sachets for children, 250 mg.

  • 1 sachet mixed in a glass of water (fruit juice or yogurt can also be used) every 6 hours.

Capsules for adults, 500 mg.

  • 1-2 capsules every 4-6 hours.

How does Entroseal® work? 


1Healthy Bowel

An enlarged portion of the digestive system: The tiny buds absorb fluids and nutrients from food, to be transported to the rest of the body. The digestive system can soak up 9 –10 liters of water a day.


This is a diseased state. The digestive system is swollen and red and unable to do its job. The cause of this is bacteria, here colored green. When the water is not soaked up, it leaves the body in the form of diarrhea.


Entroseal® forms a soft film covering the digestive system, preventing it from harmful bacteria and inflammatory agents. Entroseal® neutralizes the bacteria that are then cleaned out.

4Health Restored

Balance has been restored and the digestive system can again absorb water and nutrients. The rest of Entroseal is slowly washed out of the body.




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